Equitable Dinners was created to help create conversation surrounding racial inequality happening in Decatur City schools. In its first year, Equitable Dinners brought together 1,200 people in the Decatur community and the event has grown each year since. 

In September 2022, Equitable Dinners hopes to host 500 unique tables with 5,000 people to participate in dialogue about systemic racial issues and how we can work together to create positive change in our communities.  

Equitable Dinners starts with a short one-person play, and attendees will share a meal as they engage in facilitated conversations to discuss the history of racial violence, its legacy in the present, and how to move forward to a better future. The theme for the event is Better Me. Better We. Better World.

SHRM-Atlanta will be hosting a unique table with 10 community members on September 14, beginning at 6:00 pm. SHRM-Atlanta joins other Atlanta community partners to continue to grow this event and mission to create positive change towards racial inequality. 

To learn more about Equitable Dinners, visit their site 

Tickets for Equitable Dinner hosted by SHRM-Atlanta are limited—get your tickets today!