As the saying goes “the story of your health is the story of your life.”

We all intuitively know that our health is the foundation for how we show up everyday for our jobs, family, friends, responsibilities and commitments. But how many of us still put our own wellbeing needs last on the never-ending to do list?

SHRM-Atlanta is deeply committed to supporting our members in their journey to show up as their healthiest, most productive, purpose-driven selves by creating the first-ever Wellness Engagement Committee. This committee’s sole focus is to support all aspects of our members’ holistic wellbeing and help you prioritize yourself so that you have the mental clarity, physical energy, confidence, and growth mindset to be your best everyday.

3 Ways to Invest in Your Health With SHRM-Atlanta

Time, energy, money, resources – these are all forms of investment of your most valuable resources. And the best investments have a positive return-on-investment, whether that be saving you time, protecting your energy, or improving your health. Here are three ways the SHRM-Atlanta Wellness Engagement Committee is supporting your wellbeing this Spring. Come join us in-person and virtually for these event and activities!

Group Hike at Kennesaw Mountain

Join us, in-person, Saturday, April 28 @ 10:00am EST at Kennesaw Mountain for a group hike. Getting out in nature, moving our bodies, soaking up Vitamin D, connecting with friends – there’s so many health benefits to a group hike experience. Bring your family, friends, furbabies as we explore one of the area’s most popular hiking attractions.

Date: Saturday, April 28, 2023

Location: Kennesaw Mountain

Time: 10:00am EST Click here to learn more and register for the Kennesaw Mountain Hike.

Virtual Wellness Workshop: 8 Aspects of Wellbeing

Did you know there are 8 aspects of holistic wellbeing? Most of us only consider aspects like physical or emotional health, but there 8 areas that support our total wellbeing. Join us on May 9th for this dynamic, virtual workshop that will allow you to refocus and reprioritize your personal and professional wellness over the next year. Using SHRM-Atlanta’s Wellness Wheel, you will have the opportunity to learn more about holistic wellness, create a personalized plan, and leave with a network of support.

Date: Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Location: Virtual Webinar

Time: 12:00pm EST Click here to learn more and register for the 8 Aspects of Wellbeing Workshop

Invest in Yourself as An HR Leader

Continuing with our “investment theme” in this virtual webinar you’ll learn the various methods of investing in oneself, embracing change, doing hard things, getting uncomfortable, our unique stories, and a 30 day adventure challenge. Join us virtually on Tuesday, June 13, as we share how investing in yourself has the best ROI for all aspects of wellbeing.

Date: Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Location: Virtual Webinar

Time: 12:00pm EST Click here to learn more and register for the Invest in Yourself Webinar

These are just a few of the ways you can prioritize your wellbeing with your friends at SHRM-Atlanta.

We hope to see you soon and for a full list of our calendar of events, check out the SHRM-Atlanta Calendar.

In good health,

SHRM-Atlanta Wellness Engagement Committee

Abby England, Committee Chair

Corey Jacobs, Partnerships & Events

Duston Harper, Marketing

Jack Bradley, Member Engagement

Wellness Engagement Committee Mission:

Support the holistic wellbeing of our members by providing unique experiences, developing content, and sharing resources so that our members are equipped to take responsibility for their own health management and be a change agent in their communities.