On April 17-18, MHR joined SHRM-Atlanta as a supporting partner at SOAHR 2024, Atlanta’s premier HR conference. Here, leading HR professionals gathered to discuss, discover and dissect current innovations and challenges in our field. The conclusion? It’s time to put the human back in HR.

The core of connection: celebrating the human in HR

This year, SOAHR 2024 stood out as a beacon for HR professionals. It wasn’t just a space to showcase the latest trends and tools in HR, but as a vibrant arena for ideas and personal stories across a diverse mix of people.

With over 700+ HR & Benefits Managers in attendance, from entry level employees on the start of their journey to highly experienced CHRO roles, the halls were bustling with passion and experience.  It wasn’t just about the excellent speakers, or the engaging education sessions, it was the in-between moments. Those spontaneous conversations over a coffee, or the quick exchanges after a panel. This is where it became clear that bringing the human element back into HR was top of the agenda.

Building a people-centric culture

One of the standout sessions at SOAHR 2024 (apart from the brilliant opening keynote from Khatdija Meghjani at Dear World) focused on building and sustaining a people-centric culture within organizations. Various speakers discussed strategies for HR professionals to not only advocate for, but also implement policies that support employee mental health, work-life balance, and career development. This session underscored the idea that a company’s success is directly linked to the happiness and productivity of its employees.

The power of empathy and wellbeing

Another key theme was the power of empathy in HR practices. Understanding and supporting individual well-being leads to more effective management and stronger teams.

Elizabeth Campbell & Bela Castro, Co-founders at Revana, who run corporate training & leadership consulting, gave their view stating:

“Businesses are recognizing the critical impact of employees’ personal well-being on their professional performance. Emphasizing holistic wellness-mental, physical, and emotional health – through comprehensive strategies not only promotes lasting behavioral changes but also provides a competitive advantage. Companies prioritizing wellness initiatives can expect significant improvements in employee retention, engagement, and performance, ultimately benefiting their bottom line.”

AI & humanity: striking the right balance

While technology, and in particular AI, remain strong topics of interest in HR integration, there was a strong consensus about the need to balance technological tools with human judgement. The potential of AI is immense, but its limitations in handling nuanced human emotions and complex interpersonal dynamics were also acknowledged. This balance is crucial in ensuring that technology enhances rather than replaces the human touch in HR.

Embracing People First for a human-centric HR future

As SOAHR 2024 concluded, the commitment to reinvigorating the human element in HR was stronger than ever. The conference not only provided a wealth of knowledge and strategies but also rekindled the passion for HR as a field fundamentally about people. Moving forward, the lessons learned here will undoubtedly influence how HR professionals across the globe approach their roles—always with a focus on the human element at the heart of all they do.

That’s where MHR Global, and our People First approach, really come into play. People First is not just a strategy but a comprehensive solution designed to put the human element at the forefront of HR practices. It emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing the individual needs and aspirations of employees, which in turn fosters a more engaged and productive workforce.

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MHR Global, founded in 1984, has evolved into a leading provider of innovative HR, finance, and analytics solutions. As a family-owned business, MHR emphasizes a people-centric approach, ensuring their software meets the dynamic needs of modern workplaces.

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