Following the creation of SHRM-Atlanta’s new strategic plan earlier this year, it became apparent and necessary to change the organizational structure to align it with our mission and strategy and ensure all programs and volunteers could receive the resources and support they need and deserve from the organization.

The SHRM-Atlanta workforce consists of eight staff members and dozens of volunteers. This group is responsible for everything you know and love about SHRM-Atlanta. Because volunteers are giving their time to the organization, it is the organization’s responsibility to provide the resources and support necessary for creating volunteer experiences that are engaging, meaningful, and purpose driven. As volunteers support the staff in delivering programs, products, and services, the staff supports volunteers with training, collaboration, advancement opportunities, leadership development, and recognition.

Not all volunteers have the same level of interest or the same amount of time to commit to SHRM-Atlanta. That is why various levels of volunteer opportunities have been created to choose from. They are:

· Volunteer committees – These will have a defined term, regular meetings, collaboration and brainstorming of ideas to reach goals, and tangible product or service outcomes.

· Project-based/shorter-term opportunities – These have defined deliverables or project outcomes to be completed.

· Micro volunteer opportunities – These have a relatively short time commitment and are “on-demand” opportunities.

One final notable change is that the Volunteer Leadership Team, or VLT, as it has been called is merging with the board of directors. This is part of a larger initiative to elevate the work of volunteer leaders onto the strategic leadership body of the organization.

Volunteers who have served in multiple capacities will be selected to fill three newly created positions on the board. This will not only add direct input to board discussions from those most familiar with the member/volunteer experience, but also provides an additional level of leadership exposure to volunteers and the members they serve. Part of this transition will include creating a path for volunteers to achieve all levels of leadership, understanding that everyone’s path may look different.

Later this week, SHRM-Atlanta will be launching a major volunteer recruitment campaign to fill these newly created roles. Please consider putting your name forward to help SHRM-Atlanta reach its strategic goals and provide even more value to you as a member.

Would you like to learn more about volunteering with SHRM-Atlanta?

–  Visit the volunteer opportunities page:

– Register for the volunteer info session on August 25 at 12 pm